Be Rewarded for Your Success - Compensation Plans

Dressander|BHCs compensation plans give you the benefits you need
and the recognition you deserve.

Marketing Consultants – Compensation, Benefits and Perks

Marketing Consultants enjoy one of the most comprehensive compensation and benefit programs in the industry. It’s important to us that our valued wholesalers/marketing consultants are paid commensurate with their contributions and receive the necessary support. Our compensation plan consists of a base salary, revenue sharing, two bonus programs and comprehensive employee benefits. In addition, our marketing consultants have the opportunity to participate in bonus programs from many of our insurance carriers.

Compensation. As you build your business, your base salary is used as a cushion to provide steady income. We are one of the only marketing companies that has a true base salary that is not offset by your revenue sharing formula and bonuses. On top of the base salary, our revenue share and bonus programs can reach 26% of net revenue – which is one of the highest commission/bonus/revenue sharing rates in the industry.

Benefits. We offer all of our Marketing Consultants full employee benefits. This includes a company-matching 401k plan, health insurance, vision, dental, life and disability. This comprehensive program ensures that all of our valued employees receive the safety and security of a complete benefit and retirement program.

Perks. There are many. We allow our Marketing Consultants to write personal business on a limited basis. In addition, insurance carriers often run direct cash and trip incentives for Marketing Consultants and DBHC always passes through 100% of these awards. Also, our Marketing Consultants are afforded many opportunities to attend industry and training events. Further, our in-house sales coach and our sales coach training vendor provide a constant source of growth and development opportunities.